St Lawrence Country Guesthouse

What’s new at St.Lawrence

Winter 2012/13

This winter we have cleared an area by the green houses and erected a picnic bench. The views from that bench are breath taking as you look across the sea to the beach on Caldy Island and its lighthouse. We found time to plant out door grapevines. Also, we are busy clearing an area to plant lots more strawberry bushes that we have until now grown in pots. More towards your five-a-day.
Bon appetite.

We have added to our eco family thanks the Pembrokeshire based Coedcanlas Bee Company for bringing their Bee Hives to St Lawrence. Their family have been rearing, breeding and nurturing naturally strong and healthy bees for many years.

The bees enjoy the SSSI site (site of special scientific interest) of the Ritec Valley and we are sure it will be love at first sight for them and our Orchards of over 100 fruit trees. I am sure you will also enjoy their wonderful honey with your breakfast.

Winter 2012
We created a new and bigger chicken enclosure (not that they spend much time in there!) adapted a large wooden shed for them and then introduced our happy family. We used to run out of ‘our Girls’ eggs in the busy summer months and even though we brought in Free Range, the yokes were an insipid yellow compared to ‘Our Girls’ golden orange colour.

We have Black Rocks; Brown Lomond’s and white Sussex. One of the Black Rocks was always mumbling to herself and therefore we named her Moaner. Queenie is so named because when the food is taken in, she turns her nose up at it most regally and has the loveliest Queen like golden crest feathers. Snowy one of the White Sussex is a real character.Lastly we also have Brown Lomond’s. I won’t bore you with all the names but the most famous is Parker (short for Nosey Parker). She will perch on your knee and let you stoke her and then purr like a cat. Honestly, she has more Thank You cards than we do! Finally, the Boss Maggie, named after the only woman Prime mister Maggie Thatcher.

Any way by now you must be asleep and so I will promise to introduce you properly when you come to visit them (and us).

We are very proud to announce that in the

Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards
St Lawrence Country Guest House was awarded
Silver for the Best Serviced Accommodation and also
Bronze in the Exciting New Business or Owner
We would like to thank all our Guests for their comments in our Guest Book and all your Thank You cards and your comments on The Trip Advisor website.
The judges took all these into account. So we have you to Thank.
A BIG Thank You from us all.

Winter 2011
2011 was a very busy year, so thank you to all our guests for that, and it did not end when the season did. Although we normally open all year we did close for three weeks from November 1st. No, not for a holiday (because where would we go to better this?) but to take out the old kitchen and appliances and fit a new ones. We were so pleased after removing the old lino and boarding to find a real beech wooden floor beneath. After quite a lot of sanding and staining, the hard work has been rewarded with beautiful new floor. Wall units and cupboards were all fitted and new lighting installed. We also invested in a false ceiling with over 20mm of sound insulation so that guests in the bedroom above will not be disturbed when I break a plate. The hob, extractor and ovens are all A rated so in keeping with our Green credentials and the lights are all low energy.

Therefore, we hope that you will enjoy your breakfasts even more so in the knowledge that everything is brand new and sparkling. We take hygiene and cleanliness very seriously indeed.


Winter 2010
We are very thankful to the Woodland Trust who sponsored our newwoodland here at St Lawrence. They came to see us in the early summer of 2009 and recommended us for their sponsorship scheme “MOREWOODS”. We were short listed and in September 2009, were told that we would be sponsored to plant 1250 trees over two hectares, along with the provision of mulch mats, canes and spirals. We were overjoyed – and then came the ”BUT”! The Woodland Trust would not be helping to plant the trees this year as they preferred to use the funds to provide more trees to other people. We could understand this, but then worried ”How do we plant 1250 bare root trees which have to be secured into the ground within a couple of days of receipt to ensure that they do not dry out and die?”
Brave hearts though we are, we did think that we may have to decline the Woodlands Trust’s wonderful and very generous offer.

However the Pembrokeshire grapevine is such a wonderful thing. We spoke to Tenby Junior School’s headmistress, the deputy head and their caretaker (who is a shining light in all things conservation). They knew a woodlands officer, who knew people from the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, who knew the leader of the Scouts, who new…… well, you get the drift.To cut a very long story short, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park not only agreed to send their own woodland officers to help to plant the trees, but also helped to organise the event and advertised it to attract more volunteers.

December 5th 2009 was National Tree Planting Day, sponsored by the BBC’s Breathing Places. The Guinness Book of Records was also recruited to record a ”World Tree Planting’ record attempt. The record was to be not just how many trees could be planted on this day, but within the space of one hour, between 11am and noon.

All preparations were made including the lure of hot soup, bread rolls and cake. Like knights with shining spades, our volunteers arrived on a brisk, cold and (later) rainy day to plant those little saplings of Oak, Ash, Flowering Cherry, Crab Apple, Rowan, Silver Birch, Blackthorn, Willow, Hazel and Dog and Guilder Rose. New woodland was thus born to help, in years to come, to reduce pollution and our carbon footprint, and to help put oxygen back into our small world.

We would like to say a big thank you to the Woodland Trust for their sponsorship. To the Pembrokeshire National Park for all their help and advice and to ALL the brave souls who ventured out on that cold day. We hope that they all will come back regularly to see the fruits of their labour flourish. We promise to love and look after our new family of young trees, to nurture them and to talk to them every day (collectively, you understand). Thank you, too, to Tenby Junior School’s staff and pupils who came to help us. The pupils also made fifty bird, bat and insect boxes to install in our grounds and we hope they visit regularly to see who is ‘at home’.

We know all our returning guests will enjoy seeing the new trees and will come back over the years to see them blossom and grow..